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Germans love their bureaucracy. But if you don't fancy wasting your Monday morning standing in line waiting to apply for your resident parking permit or get your car serviced on a sunny Saturday then hit us up. Because we like to queue and sort out all those time consuming bureaucratic to-do's for you.

According to our motto:

Let's HANTZSCH it.

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Bureaucratic support in Berlin


We will come to your office or home to pick up any relevant documents, check them for completeness and let you know if there's anything missing. Once you've given full authorization, we'll look after your tasks with complete confidentiality. Services include:

  • motor vehicle registration 

  • vehicle registration 

  • official certification

  • reference letters

  • certificate of registration in Berlin

  • pick up passports/ID's, personal documents

  • registering a new address

  • applying for a resident parking permit

  • (de)-register a business

What can we take off your plate?

Would you like to find out more how a personal assistant could support you and make your life a little bit easier?

Book your initial free 20 minute info session today and find out what we could take off your plate.

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Our Mission

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We call Berlin home and can personally support you in this beautiful city.

To help you have more freedom to focus on what's really important to you.

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