Expat Services

Our range of expat services are designed to help you get settled in quickly into your new home in Berlin and get situated in your new neighborhood - all so you can spend more tome exploring this vibrant city and start feeling home.

Wether you need help with administrative tasks, translations or navigating the German bureaucratic system - our personal assistants will help you find your way around, from informing you about the best local schools, to finding the best parks and libraries, local cafes or cowering spaces all the way to helping you find a puppy. According to our motto:

Let's HANTZSCH it.


Bureaucratic Services

Germans love their bureaucracy and  we are here to help you navigate the system.  We can check your documents beforehand if filled out correctly, help you make appointments and accompany you to your appointments to translate. 

  • registration (Wohnsitz Anmeldung) 

  • deregistration (Abmeldung, when you leave Germany) 

  • visa & residence permit

  • german work visa

  • social security number 

  • tax  number

  • business registration 

Moving to Berlin

Berlin is a city where you can make your dreams come true, where nobody will judge you for being yourself. The people are edgy, the artwork vibrant and the nightlife underground. Moving to Berlin, you made the right decision. 

  • find housing in Berlin

  • moving companies 

  • helping to move, to furnish the apartment 

  • gas, electricity, internet provider

  • get insurances

  • finding the right cleaning service

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Your personal assistant helps you with daily administrative tasks. Freeing up your time to focus more on what you love to do. 

  • communication with insurance companies

  • correspondence with authorities

  • communication with landlord and service providers

  • translation of documents

  • arranging of appointments 

  • finding service providers

Settling in

Moving across countries, leaving your familiar abode can be overwhelming in so many ways. As long as you have the right support and the right attitude, you will settle into your new home just fine.

  • finding a job in Berlin

  • finding an international school or kindergarten 

  • language schools to learn German

  • finding health professionals

  • organizing afternoon activities for your children 

  • our HANTZSCH blog with monthly cultural events in Berlin


Did you move to Berlin and need help?

Find out how we can assist you and help you navigate the German system. That way you'll have plenty of time to explore Berlin. Book your free consultation now or check out our flexible packages.


"Robert has been great at helping me handle a wide variety of tasks, from research to organizing household and financial services to adopting a puppy."

Sandy H.

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