What is a Personal (or Virtual) Assistant?


A Personal Assistant (PA) or Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who typically carries out a range of personal tasks for an individual, from organizing, to administrative tasks, to research or running errands. Our Personal Assistants are onsite in Berlin for any people living in Berlin but all our PA’s are also able to work as VA’s to support you remotely.

How much does it costs to hire one of your Personal Assistants?


Our packages start at 39,80 EUR/h (if you’ve never used us before). If you’re an existing customer our hourly packages start at 61,90 EUR/h  depending on how many hours you book. If you choose a monthly subscription package our hourly rate goes down to 59,90 EUR/h. Check out our flexible packages.

How do I know your service is right for me?


Just look at your daily and weekly to-do-list. How much of those tasks do you really want to do, have the time for and how much do they distract you from more important things you want to do? We look after your to-do-list so you can be you and focus on what you enjoy most. 

In this way, we not only help you to be more productive, we also help you to reduce stress and create more time for what is really important to you. And thanks to our experience and extensive network, you get the best possible service while saving valuable time.  Not convinced yet? Just try us out. Delegate a task to us and enjoy the certainty that all your to do's are getting done.

I would like to delegate tasks that are not listed on your service page.


The listed services reflect the services most required by our customers as an example. For any inquiries that are not listed, simply drop us a line beforehand - we will do our best to accomplish most of our customer’s tasks in a timely manner.

Are you able to fulfill unusual requests?


Sure, we handle all requests with professionalism and complete confidentiality.

Are your Personal Assistants only available for onsite services in Berlin?


Currently yes, however we also assist many clients virtually for any tasks that don’t require us to be local. We are also looking to extend our onsite service to other big cities in Germany. Just check back regularly for any updates.

How can I submit tasks or requests to you?


You can submit them anytime via email, sms or WhatsApp, whatever works best for you.

How fast do you get things done?


It depends on the nature of the request, the urgency and your deadline. Based on our capacity, we always try to accomplish all the tasks as soon as possible.

Can my Personal Assistant make purchases on my behalf?


Absolutely. Yes! Our Assistants can make one-time as well as recurring purchases for you. Talk to us to find out how we handle this securely.

Can I cancel my hourly package?


You can only cancel a monthly subscription after 6 months, our hourly packages can’t be cancelled. However we do offer a satisfaction guarantee (outlined below) and we have a great starter package for customers who want to get to know us and our services. More information about this can be found here.

Do you have a money back guarantee?


We offer a satisfaction guarantee for all our packages. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know within 30 days. We will do our best to fix the problem. If we do not provide you with added value,  you are eligible for a 100% refund on your hours booked.

How do I know how much time I have used each month?


You’ll receive a monthly report at the end of the month, outlining the used hours and still available time left on your package or subscription.

How do I know my sensitive information (or documents) are kept secure?


We comply with the current data protection regulations and store all extremely sensitive data in a password management system that uses extremely secure AES 256-bit encryption.

What do I do with hours I haven’t used up yet? Can I redeem them for cash?


All our hourly packages are valid for 3 months so if you haven’t used up your hours yet, check your to-do list and keep delegating tasks to us. If you’ve signed up to one of our monthly subscription packages, you can also share those hours with up to 3 members of your family or friends and be productive together.

Can my family / partner / friends use some of the hours I haven’t used?


Yes, if you choose one of our monthly subscriptions packages you can benefit from our Family & Friends Option, allowing you to share your hours with 3 members of your family or friends. That way you can all free up more time (for each other), be productive together and get more stuff done.

What are your hours of operation?


Our standard business hours are Mo - Fri 8 - 6pm, Sat 10 - 6pm (for our monthly subscription clients).

____you have more questions?

Book your initial free 20 minute info session today and ask us anything.

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