Whether you are looking for a new personal trainer, a carpenter or plumber or a new swim club for your kids - our team will research for you need to research. Just imagine all these hours you won't waste on the internet.

Whatever it is, we research the issue and come back to you with suitable recommendations.

According to our motto:

Let's HANTZSCH it.


We spend time on the internet

so you don't have to.

  • personal trainers, lifestyle coaches, gyms and day spas

  • medical specialists, alternative practitioners and special clinics

  • hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs

  • photographer, make-up artists, and bespoke tailors

  • baby-/petsitters, cleaners and housekeepers

  • private tutors

  • gas/electricity providers

  • tickets for events and concerts

  • special gift sourcing

  • and much more

What can we take off your plate?

Would you like to find out more how a personal assistant could support you and make your life a little bit easier?

Book your initial free 20 minute info session today and find out what we could take off your plate.

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Virtual with a personal touch

Our Mission

Happy clients

Wherever in Germany - we are next to you and support you on a virtual basis.

To help you have more freedom to focus on what's really important to you.

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